Saturday, 3 December 2011

Germany - Northern Bavaria

“I live in a small bavarian town between Coburg, Bayreuth and Nuremburg near to the Thuringian border and the middlepart of Germany. Here are some interesting locations that you will find here in various towns around…

The Rosenau in Bayreuth
The Stattbahnhof in Schweinfurt
The Hirsch in Nuremburg

I play in a band called Mindtrap. We're located in Bayreuth and play mathcore. The band is integrated in a - I would call it - bigger network of heavy core bands like…

War From A Harlots Mouth (Berlin)
Dead Flesh Fashion (NRW)
Time Has Come (Hamburg)

Friends of mine also play in a "pure" hardcore Band called White Fields.

Some others are in a grindcore-band called Mortal Agony.”

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