Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sampler - Holy Hell, UK

Holy Roar Records

Available here

New, exclusive tracks as well as a bunch of stuff from this years releases so far.

Tracklisting -

Rosa Valle – Mathemagician (North East)

Slabdragger - Erroneous Maximus (South East)

Witch Cult – Burn (South Coast)

The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks

Self Loathing – Cut (East)

Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools of Us (South Wales)

Rolo Tomassi - ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke (Sheffield)

Antares - to youth and valour (Yorkshire)

Pariso - The Recluse (London)

Kerouac – Fiends (South)

Make Do And Mend - Night's The Only Time of Day

Grazes - Observers Paradox (Sheffield)

Jackals - Mob Mentality (East)

End Reign – Abyss (North East)

Eisberg - Salt In The Wound

Brutality Will Prevail - Heavy Eyes (South Wales)

Daggers – Axes (Brussels, Belgium)

Brontide – Jura

Gallops – Eukodol (North Wales)

Hang The Bastard - The Great Devourer (London)

Abolition – Shadow (London)

Cthulhu Youth - Free Music For Poor Punx (London)

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