Thursday, 8 December 2011

Slovakia 4

Slovakia 3

“Hard Core Slovakia:

Time of my Life (Vysoke Tatry)
The most active hard core punk band in Slovakia. The have demo "Hearts on fire", split 7" with Stolen Lives (CZ), split 12" with Vintaer, self titled 7", split 7" with Mondo Gecko and new album Social Life is Overrated now available only as mp3, but prepare for release 12". They were on tour in Israel and the guys every year do hcpunkcrustfast fiesta called Okthober Fest.

Boiling Point (Zilina)
Thrash fast core punk, also active guys in other bands (Unattended Funeral, Mobius), out flexi 7", prepare split 7" with The Skrotes (Portugal).

Saprophyte (Presov)
Old school hard core in NYC style, years of stagnation between 3 albums. They had also hc band called One Voice.

Madcult (Zvolen)
Alternative hard core / metal core who do a lot of touring in CzechoSlovakia.

Abhorrence (Bratislava)
Mosh & metal layer of hard core, out 7" and a lot of albums, also they were on tour twice in Asia.

Rats Get Fat (Zilina)
New band with total crazy hard core with a lot of old school hc and punk covers.

Johnny Bravo (Prievidza)
Young hard core band, ex Mitch Buchannon.

The Citadel (Galanta)
Another new hard core band active in their local area. Singing in slovak, magyar and english lyrics.

Tendency Faces To Us (different cities)
And another new hard core band, one demo out.

and there are a lot a lot new young bands. Sorry if I forget to write about a lot of them!”

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