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UK - South Wales 3

UK - South Wales 2

"I’m not really up with the latest news from the South Wales scene because I've only been to one show in the last few months but I am instead left looking for clues about what exactly is going on. It has gone very quiet lately because Le Pub does not have the regular stream of quality gigs that marked the CCHC heights of the last 5 years. Now that it is left to other promoters and a fire safety limit of 100 tickets has been set we must now only look forward to more expensive shows if touring bands are going to stop by. Trial played recently but I don’t like buying £10 on-line tickets 3 months in advance – it just ain’t punk is it?

So instead the focus has shifted to Cardiff and Undertone and Clwb Ifor Bach are two venues that host affordable hc shows fairly regularly. In fact there is a show coming up that may be an indication of where the South Wales scene is headed next…here’s the promo:

Natural Order
First show for this international super group, featuring ex-members of Night And The City, Ironclad, Ark Of The Covenant, Deal With It, More Than Life, Wraith and Dignity Dies First playing tightly crafted down-tuned metallic hardcore.

The Keep
First show anywhere for more than 3 years. Album finally recorded, and hopefully nearing release by the time of this show. A few songs from it will be drip fed on the internet leading up to this show to wet some whistles.

Keeping the god-hating flame burning into the new decade, these nasty sounding youngsters aren't to be taken lightly.

Hunger Artist
Brand new upstarts honing their brand of droning caustic filth, will be revealing exclusive new songs.

A recent gig at Undertone also featured local bands...

Saturday's Kids
Taking their musical cues from the likes of Fugazi, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Mission Of Burma and Sonic Youth, Saturday’s Kids are nothing if not currently unique in our fair land. They specialise in tense, interwoven guitar soundscapes that build until the post-rock ends and all you’re left with is pure, unfettered hardcore punk, all the while little flourishes of melodic guitar add texture.

Facel Vega
Sounding like a DC band straight out of the revolution summer era of 85", Facel Vega play with an emotional intensity that is hard to match. Anyone who enjoys Rites of Spring will love Facel Vega. This may also be the first show you can get your hand on their debut LP "The Body" which is coming out on Art For Blind.

Fast, fast and even faster hardcore. Harbour are experts in making intellectually aggressive hardcore, they will make you mosh and think at the same time. Their debut 7 " Gwalia Deserta on Carry The Weight records is one of the best hardcore 7"'s of recent years. For fans of Dag Nasty, Government Issue and Articles of Faith.

Crossbreaker are receiving the most exposure after the release of the Lows EP (Holy Roar and Thirty Days of Night Records) with mainstream mentions in magazines Kerrang and Front. 2012 will probably bring a European tour and greater interest from the US. Their popularity means the area is becoming associated with a more sludgy dark style combined with Brutality Will Prevail who have had a track Heavy Eyes on the Holy Hell Summer Sampler '11.

Bands with other styles have called it quits (RIP):

The Wardogs

But there are still other bands who ensure some variety...


Goodtime Boys

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