Monday, 12 December 2011

Poland - Poznań

"A few bands from the Poznań area that haven't been mentioned yet:

Fausto Coppi - a mixture of crust punk and grindcore with some hc influences. Believe me when I say they sound amazing.

Astrid Lindgren - a new band from Poznań. Melodic hc/punk with emotional attitude. They just released a split CD with W Kilku Słowach.

Cymeon X - hc outfit formed in 1991. One of the first polish straight edge bands. They recently reunited and released a new LP.

One Kind Word - a youth crew band with female vocalist. They name Youth of Today, Chain of Strength, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Insted, Cro-Mags, Bad Brains and Minor Threat as their influences. They released a demo tape which is available for free download.

Apatia (ex-H.C.P.) - formed in 1989. One of the longest active polish hc bands. Their songs consist of thought-provoking lyrics and members support activism, veganism, vegetarianism and straight edge. They disbanded in 2011. Stiepan (bass) went back to recently reunited Cymenon X, Jędrek (guitar) plays in Epileptic Walk.

Next Victim - sludge/crust punk with female vocalist. They released a split LP with From the Depths (USA) not long ago.

Word Is Mine - a hardcore/metal act. They are currently recording tracks for their EP/LP. Demo to download for free.

All Wheel Drive - a melodic hardcore outfit. They released a demo and LP. Krzychu (drums) also used to play in Apatia.

Artwork: the (in)famous Raf 'Wechter' Wechterowicz

D.Y.R.E.K.T.O.R - hardcore/crust punk not from Poznań, but from a nearly placed town called Piła. EP Piekło w samym sercu raju for free download."

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