Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Greece - Athens 2

Greece - Athens 1

“Sometimes I don’t know what is happening to the hc/punk scene in my area :) It's a little bit complicated... it's not like it used to be in the past!

There are nowadays 2 types of promoters - the one that does whatever it can to bring you a band only for the money! It’s not done for the genre or the love of the music, it’s done as a business! You can see this when a hardcore punk band has shitty support bands where they play shitty fashion deathcore. It's a shame for me but business is business!

The other type of promoter is the type who brings anonymous bands and sadly no one knows these it's normal that the live show will not be a success. I think we are a little bit confused about our music education on hardcore punk nowadays! It's not the pure scene it used to be back in the day! I think it is just a fashion and it is very sad for me.

We have bands in Greece that deserve a lot of respect… these bands I believe are the ones that will make a big explosion in our music scene!



Vodka Juniors

Despite Everything

Ruined Families

Inhuman Poison! - new band…I really like these guys!

The only blog/zine I follow mostly is World’s Appreciated Kitsch (wakhc)

Old hc bands in my area hmmm…

More of Myself to Kill



xeimeria narki

Greet the Dead



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