Sunday, 4 December 2011

Slovakia 3

Slovakia 2

"Crusts, bombs, graves, destruction:

Roxor (Vranov)
Another band from active guys from LTT, Hippie Killer, Haarp, Systemic Damage…Raw crust of japan/sweden school, they have a split 12" with How Long? (CZ), selftitled 7", split 12" with Risposta (CZ) and next summer (2012) they want to release a self-titled 12" on Insane Society Recs.

Beton (Bratislava)
Total alco dbeat destruction with members and ex members of S.I.K.A., Adacta, Heretix and a lot of other bands with very personal changes. The have a demo and live tapes, split 12" with CAD, split 7" with Besthoven (Brazil) and unreleased split 7" with Skeleton (Canada).

Adacta (Bratislava)
Old crust bands from the capital city. They have two fucking good albums with a female vocalist. After her change they released a new record, also good, but with more metal influences. This record will be released as split 12" with Jonestown (CZ)

Barney Grumble (Sered)
Hyperactive guys with singer from band Blind Rattvisa. They also do the best DIY festival in Slovakia, FFUD Fest. They have only one demo, but they are preparing new songs for 4 way split 12".

Massmord (Surany)
New crust band of guys from bands Crusade of Fanatism, DNO and Die Hards."

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