Friday, 9 December 2011

Slovenia 3

Slovenia 2

“I remember some more bands. Most of them don't exist no more, but their legacy lives on.

S.F.U. - released some live and demo tapes. Fast, crazy, dynamic hardcore between old school and new.

M.U.K. - played funny punkrock, released some live stuff and a demo.

Arschloch - crazy old school HC in vein of early Black Flag and stuff. Old and dead!

Polska Malca - cult Slovenian band - almost no singing, but crazy music in general. Especially drums!!! Unique!!!

Blitz in the Zukunft - old school punk from my hometown

A Je To! - melodic punk rock - released one great CD

Request Denied - Krishna core, fast, crazy and dynamic.

Riot - SXE punk rock, had one great demo tape as I remember

Not the Same - one of the best skate punk bands ever. Released CD Hate.

Srou Pa Letu - legendary slovene punk

It’s Not For Sale (IN4S) - crazy old school HC, punk

Buddaklah - metalized HC with SXE themes

In the Crossfire - they still exist today - heavy, metalized HC with an attitude of Robert De Niro in Casino

Batina - metalised and heavy as fuck HC - still around

Curse of Instinct - metalcore, one of the best - not around any more

Kreshesh Nepitash - angry, aggressive new school HC - still around and kicking the shit out of everything

A.U.B. - chaotic noise/HC - I think they're not around

T.N.T. - political punk from the streets - against all authority!

Aktivna Propaganda - one of the best political HC punk bands around here

Elvis Jackson - crazy punkrock gone mainstream, but still kicking ass everywhere

Pizda Materna - one of the earliest slovene SXE HC bands - agonizingly good

Man in the Shadow - our answer to the US SXE HC of the first wave

Low Punch - Slovenia's Youth Of Today - today known as Hoax Program

Joko Ono - three guys and a girl who will destroy you in a split second. Twice!

...and many many more!

Oh, I could go on and on..."

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