Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Austria - Vienna

I'm from Vienna (capital of Austria) and I think it is the biggest scene. It is like a small family. So there are about 50-60 kids, who go regularly to shows and support the local bands and promoters.

There are also other kids, who go to the bigger "mainstream" shows but I think they aren't really interested in hxc and diy. So the scene could be bigger ...

Some Bands:

Feeding Time RIP

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Mind Trap
(like Bracewar,Trash Talk, Infest)

(like Killing the Dream, Life Long Tragedy)

(like Guns Up!, No Warning)

Run Time Terror

One Pound Flesh From Your Chest
(like I don't know :) they make something special)

Nothing to Lose RIP

Some Fanzines:


Down The Drain

Forgive in Hell

No Values


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