Sunday, 21 March 2010


Slovenia is a really small country, which means it has a really small scene, the same people at every show, different genres of hardcore all together.
The sense of community sometimes works sometimes it doesn't, but we always try to have a good time. Straight edge is sort of dead, but there are still people who choose the drug free lifestyle, and the number of vegans/vegeterians is rising beacuse of places such as infoshops and promotion at shows.
The zine community lives through old zines, but most of the zines that come out are mostly artzines, and there are not as many zines about the scene (like i said, its a really small country, everybody knows everybody and everybody knows everything:))
There is a forum on Storm Inside that keeps us up to date on shows n vegan recipes.
Recently there has been an explosion of deathcore kids at concerts and I think its kinda cool. :)

Every city has its own youth center which sets up shows but the most active hc show organisers are

panda banda

Cuza Pivka
dirty skunks

insane booking

hardcore koper

That's all I can remember for now...

The most active bands I can think of are :



killing option

iamdisease (new band, old kids)

the hoax program

final approach


aktivna propaganda

broken up bands that had great music:


with engine heart

and I also think I should mention
moonlee records

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  1. (This email comment that I received shows how far some will go for their not EVER take your scenr for granted!!! Brian)

    There's not a very big scene here, probably because only 2million people live in the whole country:)

    I guess that's why we're always going on these insane roadtrips, to see our favorite bands play... i myself have hitchiked to belgium to see kaospilot, flew to london to see trash talk and mars volta, drove 1000km to berlin to see hope con and rise&fall and so on... When i think of it, It's kinda funny, how this seems perfectly normal to us, while the people we meet on these trips are always a bit blown away:)