Friday, 19 March 2010

South Africa 2

South Africa 1
South Africa - Durban

I'm from Johannesburg. The scene here is VERY small, it seems to have gotten smaller over the past 2 years. And unfortunately there isn't much of a community vibe either. The majority are too busy trying to look tough...

But things are looking up, we recently have had the pleasure of some amazing bands touring here like: Have Heart, Shipwreck AD and No Turning Back which blew our minds! Its rad that they'd make the effort to come all this way.

Shows are usually independantly organised and Hardcore bands rarely play Hardcore Shows, they usually play along side metal acts. The main venues are

Black Dahlia

The Bohemian

Cool Runnings

Distros like Give and Take Records and Hope Haven Records are really helping by making the music more accessible.

Some of the Johannesburg bands are

Truth and Its Burden, who are currently touring Europe.


Reason To Live

Durban bands definitely need a mention with bands like Crossingpoint who were probably the first hardcore bands in the country.

Go! Go! Bronco

City Of Gates

And there are some sick bands preparing to get gigging soon ill keep you posted :)

Dankie ;)

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