Saturday, 27 March 2010


I come from the southern side of Switzerland and here we speak italian.
There's a lot of swiss people that play in italian bands, Stop Talking for example.

From the south:
The Coming Fall RIP (Ticino)
(Great band with great lyrics)

Open Close my Eyes (Ticino)
(Old band Better Than a Thousand oriented)

Crosscheck (Ticino)
(Old Band similar to Warzone)

Face the Game (Ticino)

From the german side:
Unveil (Werdenberg)


Fall Apart RIP (Schaffhausen)
(Nice Band with the same style as Empty Vision and Ritual)


From the French side (There are only bands with Gangstah attitude) :)
The Stand (Lausanne)

One Last Chance (Geneva)

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