Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Russia - Samara

I live in the city of Samara which is a place where it is -30 in the winter and +30 in the summer but there are still kids who play hardcore!

The scene is not big and is only starting to develop. There are some independent shows, but you have to rent clubs more often. There are children who are interested in SxE and being vegan. I can't say that there is a big sense of community but we try to keep in contact and to help each other. Strange as it sounds, there are a lot of neo-Nazis in our country.

I will tell you a little about the hardcore bands:

They play hardcore with social lyrics.

In the neighbouring city of Tolljatii there is good melodic punk/HC band Branch who play very well.

One of the very first bands in our region were Turbo Lax.
They have played with Madball and Sick of it All.

There is also a young band What We Became who play melodic hardcore punk.


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