Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bulgaria - Sofia

I've been involved in the scene since 2001. The scene was pretty cool back then. There were 3 major acts:
Face Up

Last Hope

These 3 bands and some of their friends formed SCT crew (which stands for Sofia City Thugs:) )
Just the same year Face Up broke up and Vendetta were formed. It was also the year when the first band from the second wave of bands played.
This band is Breakaway (later Omerta).

After them a lot of new bands showed up:
Start Today (not the band from Plovdiv)
to name a few...

They formed the SYC crew (Sofia Youth Crew). It is funny...despite the name we (I took part of it) weren't mainly straight edge. In fact very few of us were but the name stayed because it was meant mainly to emphasize we were the new blood in the scene. During this period the scene was great. All the people knew each other and there was a great sense of friendship, unity and respect.

Then the third wave of bands spawned. The first were Death Squad, later Envy (now Redound) and Melekh. Personally for me it was the beginning of the end - new people, fashion, trends. Most of the new people are in it for the social scene and to be part of something "cool". The scene is now divided in small crews who hate each other and who are hypocritical at shows.

It is something that I've decided I don't want to be part of...

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  1. I also received this email:

    I'm from Pernik, Bulgaria. It's just 30km from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria). Here we have only two hardcore bands. "Twist" ( and "Six" (

    Twist are active since 2003. I will recommend you their song called "Гняв" (in the player it is written something like "Gnqv" or "Gnyav" which stands for anger or rage in Bulgarian).

    Six are a new band. They were formed in 2008, but I think that they're still hot. I think that one of the vocalists has started to sing differently live than the way he sings on this recordings.