Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hardcore does live in The Netherlands, except for the part that I live in, which is very metal-minded. So I just need to travel a bit more to see shows.

New Morality is one of my favourites right now.

Other bands worth checking out:

Strike First (Arnhem)

As Enemies Arise (Brabant)

Wasted Bullet

No Turning Back (Brabant)
I assume you already know about them - they did a world tour not so long ago.

I saw them last weekend in a tiny, tiny venue in a small city in the south of Holland. It was crazy! Knocking down chandeliers and falling over persian-style carpets. One weird venue that was. But loads of fun!

Mosh Meeting 2010
No Turning Back

As HC is all about DIY you could say that I should organise things myself, but to be honest I am too scared to do it! For a fact I know that I would have to rely on people that have to travel from far away. Let's face it, with shows all around the country every weekend, people will not travel that far if there's something just as good around the corner. Although some others do have the guts: Death Before Dishonour are playing in a little town in the very south of Holland soon. And that town doesn't even have public transport to go there! I will attend, if only to support the promotor.

Here's link of Terror playing one of the best HC venues in Holland, which is The Baroeg in Rotterdam.

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