Monday, 10 May 2010


I think the scene is doing pretty great in Belgium, we have got lots of great bands/shows/festivals...

Groezrock is the best know hc/punk-festival

u should also check out Ieperfest

There are lots and lots of small hc-bands in Belgium. But for me personally Rise And Fall is probably the 'best', they're also well known internationally (they're signed to Deathwish Records!!)

We also have Blind To Faith (Holy Terror Records)

and don't forget Amenra (that's more sludge/doom, but fucking awesome!)

We used to have a fucking great scene in the 90's too, especially in west-flandres, the so-called H8000-scene with bands such as:


Liar (West Flanders)

Also lots and lots of young people are taking the initiative and organizing shows and festivals, so a great level of DIY!

Some other belgian hc bands that did/are doing well were/are...

Morda (Bruges)

Severance (West Flanders)

Die My Demon (Dendermonde)

The Setup


DEAD STOP - definitely include them!!

Angel Crew

Deviate (Brussels)

JUSTICE - definitely include them!!! (Antwerp)

Channel Zero (Brussels)

Surge of Fury (Liege)

Arkangel (Brussels)

Officer Jones & His Patrol Car Problems RIP (Diest)

Death Before Disco RIP

Maple Room

Sunpower (Dendermonde)

Pushed Too Far (Turnhout)

Do or Die

Artwork: Hades Project

Good luck ;)

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