Saturday, 18 December 2010

Activism - Social Centres, Bradford & Brighton, UK

"Belonging to the 1in12 Club makes you a participant in, and part-owner of, our project to show that ordinary people can organise themselves to provide their own cultural and social space within a system dominated by unsustainable traditions of exploitation (of both people and resources) and marginalisation (in our case with particular reference to unemployed and low-income individuals, arising from the club’s origins in the high-unemployment era of the last Tory administration – but also involving other forms of discrimination along lines of race, gender, age and so on…)"

"The Cowley Club is a social centre on London Road in Brighton. It houses a cafe and bookshop during the day, a members bar during the evenings, it also has a library and is a base for a variety of other projects.
The club is collectively owned and run as a base for those involved in grassroots social change and those sympathetic to such activities, giving us control over our social space and resources. It is run entirely by volunteers - no one gets paid, and no one is making any profit. Instead, we are trying to provide a much needed alternative to everything else around us."

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