Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Brazil - Sao Paulo 2

Brazil - Sao Paulo 1

I live in the center of São Paulo, I think the scene here is much larger and broader than in other states in Brazil. Being a big scene, it is well segregated by styles ranging from punk rock to grindcore. To get an idea, only this weekend, there were about four concerts in different places, and from what I saw and learned, all crowded.

The main places/venues are:

Hangar 110. It is a fairly big place that has many concerts with great bands from outside Brazil and national bands.

Espaço Impróprio. It is a house where some people involved with punk for a long time live. Besides concerts, there are also workshops, lectures and discussions related to libertarian attitudes, animal and human liberation, among other topics related to punk. I believe this is the main concert space of the local current scene.

Inferno. Here there are only a few shows, usually only for big bands. This weekend the Ratos de Porão played there, and one week ago Youth of Today.

Other than these places I could not fail to mention the event called Verdurada. It is the biggest event of hardcore from Brazil and is currently here in center of São Paulo. It is a straight edge/vegan event and consists of a show about four or five bands and in the middle of the show is a lecture/debate on issues related to vegetarianism, conscious consumption, abortion, among others. At the end of the event a vegetarian dinner is served.

There are some newer bands that play crust, grind, powerviolence, thrash/crossover, hardcore, old school.

I will mention a few bands in the region:

Narayama (powerviolence / grindcore):

Defy (crust):

D.E.R. (Grindcore):

Vingança 83 (hardcorepunk oldschool):

Days of Sunday (melodic hardcore):

Nerds Attack! RIP (fastcore):

La Revancha (powerviolence):

O Mito da Caverna (sludge):

Discrepante (d-beat/crust):

Discarga (fastcore):

Social Chaos (crust):

KOB 82 (punk rock):

The Push Mongos (skatepunk):

D-spair (d-beat):

And I play in two bands:


Isabella Superstar

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