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Italy - Milano 2

Italy - Milano 1

"This report, is not meant to be a complete catalogue of all the bands and all the venues here in Milan, maybe I forgot someone, maybe I just decided to not quote someone or something because it has already been quoted in the other posts on this blog, and maybe there was not enough space to speak about ALL the bands I know. It's only a personal point of view.

Milano has a well known history of having a great hardcore scene in last two decades. Maybe in the last few years, everything has become more difficult for everyone, probably due to fact that there are fewer places to play. Socially and politically speaking, the climate in town has become more and more suffocating, and it seems like everything that's not nailed to a business/profit logic is almost cut out. So, you understand, setting up a DIY show, became a tough job.
But even though we're not living a golden age, something survives, and someone carries on, trying to do good things.

DEAF KIDS CREW is newborn collective, they set up some shows in 2010, and are always working for new ones, they're involved in cox 18 , one of the oldest (and maybe one of the last...) squats in Milano, they really work hard, if you see one of their shows you'll probably see an art exhibition, or a movie, or you will eat some lovely (vegan) food. They also cooperate with some of the other aspects of the scene.

FREEGO! Collective is a long time active collective, they set up shows in the basement of cs Leoncavallo, a space named Dauntaun, with a small concert room, and a wonderful chillin area with couches and one of the most popular italian entertainments: biliardino!

In Dauntaun you can see, punk, hardcore, indie, and sometimes noise or experimental bands!

SGA is DIY a venue, managed by some kid from the scene, it's not in Milan, but just a few kilometers up north. Many great bands have played here (Verse, Set Your Goals, Ceremony, Cursed and many more...). Low prices for entrance and bar, a low stage. perfect for fun.

VILLA VEGAN is a squat, located in the northern suburbs of Milano, they're really focused on animal liberation struggles, and anarchist activities, and they also host animals in the park around the venue. It's a good place to see or organize a show, mainly the shows are in the small basement, but in summer they move outside in the yard and it's very comfortable. Any in June they organize a party to celebrate their “squatting birthday” and this is usually a 2 days fest, where many hardcore bands play.

Besides these, I also want to quote TELOS in Saronno

THE BOX is a new space located in cs eterotopia in S.Giuliano Milanese and I also know some guys are trying to organize some shows in a club near Monza named THE FLAG.



You can consider AFG a so-called “Modern old school” band, they finely mix melodic tunes with both fast parts and downtempos, they have played a lot of shows, and they are probably one of the most active and interesting bands that have come out in the last 3 years. They released only an EP, named “The Missing Beginning”, but on their myspace you can hear two new unreleased songs.


Agatha is a long time active, all-female band, since their guitarist left some time ago they decided to not replace her, and turn from the classic “bass+guitar+drums” trio in to a two-piece, with a super distorted bass instead of the guitar, evertything is very heavy, sludgy and noisy. They have a new record out that is available for free download, and maybe it will be press soon.


Ok, it’s time for some silly self promotion, I’m the bass player for L/U! I think there’s not too much to say ‘bout us, we’re together since November 2009, we have many influences, from classic 80’s Hardcore, to powerviolence, to some more moshy stuff… basically we play a bunch of short songs, and we try to play them fast, and loud. All our releases are available for free download.


To me Scena is an example of how “classic” hardcore punk has to sound in the 2ks (think also of bands like Vogue or Skitkids…)., rockfish riffing, up and midtempos, everything is super-“danceable” and super fun! They’re not playing so many live shows right now, probably because cause one of them has moved out of Italy.


Before saying anything about this band I have to be honest: the guys in To The Embers are some of my best friends (some of them also play in Light Up!), so I don’t know if I’m completely objective…
TTE plays a very emotional and dark hardcore, which blends some old school influences with more complicated song structures, melodic/posthardcore parts, and introspective lyrics. Besides this they’re still playing fast and heavy music, and, to me, this is primary for an hardcore band.


Verme is not strictly an hardcore band, to me they sound very 90’s emo. Super catchy melodies, with very original lyrics (in Italian!) perfect for singalong!"

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