Sunday, 5 December 2010

Belarus - Minsk 2

Belarus - Minsk 1

The Minsk hardcore/punk scene was formed a long time ago. Belarus has given birth to a good quantity of original groups but, with huge regret, some of them have broken up but you can find the releases on the internet and listen with pleasure…


Face Forward

Try One’s Luck


Fuck It All

Mister X

We have good promo groups and independent organizers who bring very good foreign groups to Minsk, capital of Belarus. New ideas come from behind the borders of our state.

We are one big family! We have the ideas and the belief. Each of us is ready to stand as a friend for our friends. We are repulsed by fascists. We struggle with social problems. We have a football club where fans can be ONLY anti-fascists. It is called FC MTZ-RIPO.

We are on friendly terms with kids from neighbouring countries. For example, in Moscow, capital of Russia, there is the MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE which has been to us already a number of times, including concerts, and it is no problem for them to visit.

Much connects us. We are one. We are strong. We develop, develop… we are always thinking about how to progress.

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