Friday, 17 December 2010

US - Santa Cruz

The hc scene in SC was up until very recently on hiatus or pretty non existant. Years ago when I started going to shows, punk/hc/metal shows would happen every weekend, sometimes two shows a weekend. I began going to shows with 1 kid from my highschool but he ended up not liking going to shows/the music/whatever, fuck him. So I started going alone, knowing it was the only place I truly belong. From going to shows I met a lot of great friends, most of which I am still close with.

The main hc venue in SC used to be the 418 Project, a lil indian restraunt/venue. There was also the Vets Hall. Over the years I've seen a lot of sick bands in SC.

After a while, because of fights, not enough ppl or lack of initiative hc shows just stopped happening. Raves took over and there were no bands coming through. My friends started a band and played a few shows and they were ragers. This band was Sick Mess. They had a practice space downtown sc and the guy who owned it ended up building a venue complete with a spiderweb carved into the floor. The first show at this venue was a Sick Mess show and it went off! smoke machines, slippery floor, lots of pit beef ha. Only a couple of real fights though. By the end of their set you couldn't see cuz it was so smokey inside, you couldn't breathe and the fire alarm was going off. The cops and the fire department were on their way but somehow it was ok and the venue went on to have another show. Last weekend sabertooth zombie played and it was fucking awesome. This new venue rules and I hope it continues to have shows.

Good bands from SC:

Sick Mess

At Risk RIP

Uzi Suicide RIP

This dude puts on some rad shows:

Bane Shows

hc pride, hc unity.

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