Friday, 17 December 2010

France - Paris 2

France - Paris (Part 1)
France - Paris (Part 2)

I would say, we are lucky because there are gigs happening almost every day in Paris, but as a result of this (which is probably normal), the hardcore scene is split between different subgenres fans groups, like the people going to the "80's hardcore punk" gigs, to the "hardcore metal" gigs, etc... but there are people going to all of these gigs, so it's not in general. It's just that people have to choose the gigs they really want to go, unless they will be exhausted and sick of gigs. Anyway, the atmosphere at the gigs is often really good, so we will try to keep it that way.

Here are some bands from Paris:

Abject/Object (melodic hardcore punk)

Black Spirals (hardcore powerviolence)

Burst One's Side (melodic hardcore punk)

Crippled Old Farts (hardcore punk)

Cycle To (emo punk)

Days Of Discord (hardcore)

Donkey Punch (hardcore powerviolence)

Fat Beavers (pop punk hardcore)

Fatabo (post-punk)

Hard Times (oi! hardcore)

Lobster Killed Me (melodic hardcore punk)

My Own Way Of Life (hardcore punk)

Strike Back (hardcore)

Unlogistic (melodic hardcore punk)

Warsawwasraw (mathcore)

xDIGx (hardcore)

Youth Avoiders (hardcore punk)

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