Wednesday, 22 December 2010

UK - South Wales 2

UK - South Wales 1

My first thought is that I think not much has changed but when I take time to find something to write about there is quite a lot of news :D

As the bands in the area go from strength to strength, it is the promotion side of things that is giving me cause for concern. TJs has closed and it seems like the end of an era but in truth it had been dying for a while now and no matter how much history there is, it is all about the present and the future and, if you neglect it, it ain’t gonna survive.

Also I hear that Alex is calling a halt to his promotion of CCHC shows at Le Pub, Newport. Almost 60 shows that have drawn some of hxc’s finest to our tiny venue. It is outstanding contribution to the life and soul of our community and he is really ending on a high note…an already sold out gig headlined by Supertouch with all of the supporting bands playing for free to cover the cost. It’s a fine tribute to Alex’s hard work and because he has been so brilliant you fear that the scene will be poorer for his absence. But there are so many respected and well connected people from our local bands that I have faith too that we can all move on :D

Alex concentrates his energy on following Cardiff City FC and you should check CCHCMMX to keep up with his news.

Two other venues that are slowly raising their profile for hxc are the Buffalo Bar in Cardiff and 6FU in Newport which was on the Hell On Earth tour schedule recently. It’s great having a larger venue in town but it was weird having Down To Nothing here and them not playing for the regulars at Le Pub! They should have popped in and played a free set like Trash Talk did the other week after supporting Cancer Bats in Cardiff. It’s difficult to see whether 6FU is going to help the hxc scene because they are putting on an Anti-Nowhere League/Tenpole Tudor gig soon and if that is the shape of things to come then I’ll be protesting soon :P

So what’s been happening with the local bands…

BWP go from strength to strength with the release of Root of All Evil

Ironclad went to Europe and released a split with the mighty NeverxAgain

Harbour have picked up some prestigious gigs around the UK and have an EP too

Crossbreaker continue their hard work & have developed their sound plus there is now a split with No Reality

Wiretap! seem to be about to split (will there be a last show?) but they do have a 7’ out with BxP.

The singer from Wiretap! is also in AOTC who have also been very busy around the UK.

The Wardogs is a new project that involves a few people from different local bands.

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