Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Kazakhstan - Almaty 2

Kazakhstan - Almaty 1

We have a small hardcore community in Almaty, KZ - just a few dozen people that listen to this kind of music and, maybe, 4 or 5 bands playing now. That is because our hardcore scene is just beginning, I think. Gigs are not often either - we have one hardcore gig every one or two months. Other times we play on different concerts with local metalcore and alternative bands. Also, we're trying to invite so many hardcore bands from other cities and countries to play with, as possible. We have our own little promotion group that makes gigs, designs, cds and other stuff.

Some of Almaty hardcore and near-hardcore bands

DIARY (dark hardcore/neocrust)

PLASTIC ARMY (modern/melodic hardcore)

LE GURU SPORTIF (crossover)

There was one screamo band too :) But it has a RIP status for now - maybe, members of it will create something new soon.
MAPADELMUNDO (screamo/emoviolence)

There are general bands, not including pop-punk and some extremely young ones :) Also we have a strong (for our country, of course) hardcore community of our friends in other KZ city, Karaganda.

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