Tuesday, 7 December 2010

US - Merrimack Valley

There’s so much to say, I've been to some pretty big shows. The MVHC has been a host to huge bands such as Cro-Mags, Guns Up, Bracewar, Trash Talk, Death Before Dishonor, Shipwreck, Hammer Bros, Have Heart, and Verse.

I'm fortunate enough to live close to the venue Anchors Up, run by Josh Hynes. It is thriving really well. It hosted the Triple B Records Showcase and the America's Hardcore Compilation. Both shows were a success.

The area is just amazing for real hardcore where you not only find enjoyable shows but you realize everyone has a somewhat mutual respect for each other and it really is becoming a brotherhood, I've met so many good friends from shows.

There’s a pretty huge show coming up: Death Before Dishonor, Casey Jones, The Mongoloids, Reckless, Hundredth, Mountain Man on January 22.

Other venues around the area:

The Chop Shop in Framingham, MA

Rad Skate Park in Mendon, MA

Rocko's in Manchester, NH (sometimes a good show)

Elks Lodge in Haverhill, MA

Lions Club in Londonderry, NH

Other than those venues, I've been to some house shows from Dover, Lowell, and Derry

I haven't really left the area much to give an opinion based on other hardcore scenes but I've got to say this area of hardcore is amazing. It's not something kids take as a joke and they truly respect. Pile Ups, Circle Pits, Stage Dives, Breakdowns..everything!

Some Bands from the MVHC:

Think Again

The Nasty

Hammer Bros RIP

The Bonus Army

Thin Ice

Think Straight

Guns Up!

Villian (more Marlborough)

Ignorance RIP

Resist RIP



…and many more.

My friend, Jim Doucette has been promoting his own zine Where It Ends for some time now, I've bought a few and they're exceptionally well done, with amazing interviews.

Johnnie Limit runs his own Label called Arrest Records. He is one of the realest guys ever, always busting his ass for his bands trying to get them in the open, and helping them tour. Definitely check out some of his bands.

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