Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kazakhstan - Karaganda

I'm living in Karaganda (Kazakhstan, Middle Asia). There are not so many punk/hardcore bands. But we don't care about it.
We make punk rock shows monthly (or sometimes 1 show in 2-3 months). Average quantity of kids at our shows - 60 to 80 people. But only 30 of them visit the show for music, not for getting drunk.

So the main sticking point for our scene development is money (sounds funny, doesn't it?) Simple math: ticket for the show costs 2 euro, rent for hall is 100 euro, rent of equipment is 150 euro. 2x60 (or even 80) = 160 (less than 250).
But however, in spite of financial problems we make our shows as nice as possible.

We are glad to announce that scene in our city developes fast, and some new kids, interested in it, are joining us.

I will count our city's bands:

Empty Conversations: A young hardcore band. At the present moment they have recorded 2 EP's and preparing for a split with russian hardcore band I.Witness. Also they are preparing for eurotour, so keep it touch in order not to miss news.
(second EP)

Central Attack: Fast melodic punk band, created by ex-members of pop-punk band Turbovoz. At the present moment they are recording their debut album.

First Fight : New school hardcore, ex-members of mathcore band Nidhed. They have released 1 single and are recording their debut album now.

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