Sunday, 23 October 2011

Belgium 4

Belgium 3

“Here are some bands worth checking out:

Noyalty - From Eindhoven, Brabant. They're playing their last show at the end of November. Their guitar player joined No Turning Back. Still, check this out!

Striking Justice - From Enschede? Never heard them on tape/cd/vinyl, only seen them live. They've got some energy!

I grew up in the south of the Netherlands near the Belgium border. So I checked out a lot of bands in shitty venues in the area of Brugge & Ghent. I prefer going to shows in Belgium. Kids in Belgium just go crazy. Most people in the Netherlands are to narrow-minded and don't really care about bands they have never heard of.

Some belgian bands you should know or check out:

The Setup (my favorite)



Artwork: Chillow Productions

Midnight Souls

No Recess (3 of their members formed Oathbreaker)


Rise and Fall



Overlord (with current and ex members of The Setup, Born From Pain)”

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