Saturday, 2 January 2010

Bosnia 1

hc in our particular area is not very good. It is mostly developed in our countries capital, and in some other cities. Local bands play often but there were some major gigs in 2009 like Pro-Pain, Born From Pain (2 times), our major bands like Hobsons Choice, and in July 2010 there will be most probably Agnostic Front in Sarajevo.

Best hc bands in my country are:

Hobson's Choice (Tuzla)

Kontra (Sarajevo)

Uncle Sam Decided (Sarajevo)

Flatline (Sarajevo)

hc here definitely does have it's own attitude and specific sound, raw shit man, just listen to Hobson's Choice.

We fight for change, but there is very little we can do. I know because I also have hxc band SPQR.

You can get more information at this forum - it's all about hc in Bosnia and other hc bands.

Peace man, stay hard.

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