Thursday, 6 May 2010

Art - Ionut

Being a little modest I might sound a little bit subjective about my works. I know I still have a lot to learn and a lot to work on to get where I want. My biggest dream is to have a my own workshop where I can make t-shirt designs, record cover artworks and also print them. I am still trying to make it come through. But I also realize there is no such thing as perfection so that’s why I am also pleased with what I have done.

To start off I have to say I don’t like artsy artist people ha ha. I am not a artist type of guy, I mean I don’t go by a set of rules when I do an artwork, I just do it the way I want it to look.
I work in Photoshop and Illustrator and my style…don’t know if I have a style. It depends on what I have to design. But we can say I like the grungy and dirty styles he he.
I made an artwork for the band Permanence from the Midlands UK

For Relish Booking from Craiova, Romania

Also the logo for Atelier D.I.Y.

I also like to use my sense of humour, mostly when I design a flyer for a show. I made Henry Rollins look like he is wearing a Gluga Neagra t-shirt.

But I also have some “serious” stuff too

I think that a artwork for a band is very important, because that is the first thing you see, like the logo of the band , or the artwork on their record , or on their shirts and the thing is that is says a lot of what the band plays and you can make like a first impression on what it might sound like.

So yeah this thing called art is important for hardcore, because hardcore is more than music.


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