Friday, 14 May 2010

Zine - Some Will Never Know 1

Some Will Never Know is a zine about people and their stories. About you and me. About hardcore.

Hi, I’m Pim. I live in a small town in the the Netherlands.

Aside from this zine/blog I sing in Said And Done and make sites for a living. I also used to run a tape label called Pressure Release Records, but that’s more or less in a coma at the moment. Oh and I also do design stuff (and a review now and then) for Asice. Keeping myself busy.

Some Will Never Know is the name of the paper zine I put out in 2009. Yes, that name comes from the Only Living Witness song. Heavily inspired by Anti-Matter I tried to something different from the zines that were around at that moment. No 10 questions interviews with a band about their last record, but more in-depth conversations with the people behind the band, label, zine or whatever. Nothing ground-breaking but a different approach nonetheless.

Issue 1 has 88 b/w pages, quality print, A4 sized. Pretty personal conversations with the following people:

Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness, Milligram, Miltown, Raw Radar War) – reprint of my interview
Patrick Kitzel (True Blue, Reaper Records) – reprint of my interview with minor updates
Harm Haverman (Reaching Forward, Razor Crusade, Modern Life Is War)
Andrew Westerhouse (Aversionline. com, Due Process)
Ronald Boorsma (Not Just Words Records)
Sean Riley (1917 Records)
Rob Huiskes (Light The Fuse)
Didier Baert (Losing Streak)
Wouter Jansen (Permanent Mark, Clocked In zine)
D.I.Y. special

UK copies are available (£2.00 + pp), email me -

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