Tuesday, 18 May 2010

UK - Devon

The scene is Devon is comparitively small, only in recent times have there been more hardcore shows that are not just big u.s touring bands. I started promoting in 2004 mainly doing punk shows then and since 2006 have worked with bands of all genres.

The mentality of people in this part of the country is very small minded and simple, therefore hardcore ideas and having your own mind would be too much for people to understand. I promote shows all across Devon, currently mainly using Exeter Cavern and various other venues if a show suits. I still look to bring u.s bands to the area as well as the venues themselves tending to put on in-house, as it keeps hardcore kids interested.

It is difficult to put on upcoming uk bands who deserve to be seen, but with a lack of local bands it is only alldayers and sometimes support slots that they can be given exposure.

There is a new hxc promo comp in plymouth that seems to be doing a lot of good work by running underground uk bands on already busy free entry weekend nights, giving exposure.

As for zines etc, there arent any! Some guys who work in The Cavern I think have put out zines a few years ago , but they were more punk/alt based.

With the lack of local bands I cannot say any one band represents the area in hardcore.
However, thankfully we now have some new bands who are playing shows, and give me hope we can make a better scene by having the bands getting more people out to shows.

For example, I recently had This Is Hell and More Than Life in Exeter and had to have metal bands supporting, because I know and trust these bands can bring people to shows who are into hardcore. For anyone reading this from the southwest, please come out and support local shows... we have Sworn Enemy + TRC / Ruiner + Carpathian / and 50 Lions + Gravemaker shows all coming up in Exeter.

Glen Poyner
Torch The House Promotions



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