Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ukraine 2

Ukraine 1

Here is a brief overview of most popular bands from Ukraine.

Humble Opinion RIP
One of the first and most popular Ukrainian hc bands. Played melodic hc. Kiev city hardcore.
Released demo. Most of the members still play hc in different bands mentioned below.

Feelings Betrayed
First Ukrainian straight edge band, from Odessa. No myspace and recordings. At the moment members of FB play in Still, Aspire, Gorgona, Leviathan.

Bread’n’Battery RIP
Youth crew from Odessa. Members of Feelings Betrayed. Released demo. All members, except vocal, later played in Still and Clearsight.

Mouthpiece, Judge and Release influenced straight edge band from Odessa. Released demo and is preparing to record an album this summer.

Clearsight RIP
Youth crew from Kiev and Odessa. Released demo on CD and tapes on I Drink Milk from Hungary. Died last year.

Maybe the first 90-s new school band in Ukraine. Vegan straight edge message. Members of FB, B’n’B, Still. Influenced mostly by Outspoken. Released EP on Self X True records from Moscow. xStuck In The Pastx made a post about this band.

xDeviantx RIP
Straight edge tough guys from Kiev. Influenced by xTyrantx, Hatebreed, Terror. Released album. Died last year.

Time of Defeats
Metallic hc. Members of Deviant. Recently released album on Incarnate records from Petersburg.

Members of B’n’B. Holly terror-styled metallic hc from Odessa and Kiev.

Quite young band. Members of Gorgona, xDeviantx and B’n’B. Metallic hc from Odessa.

Hell FM
Modern melodic hc from Kiev. Recently released album on Carpathian records.

Undercurrents RIP
Emo pop punk from members of Clearsight, Humble Opinion. Released album several months ago and died.

Members of Humble Opinion. Metal-hardcore, influenced by Metallica, Cro-Mags and other.

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