Monday, 24 May 2010

Italy - North sXe

In the city I live in, Milano, the scene is rich of bands.
Among the most recent and most prolific projects in the city is Milano Hardcore Crew, a group of people who driven by a common passion for hardcore, have joined together with the objective and hope of helping the city’s scene to go back to its former glory which sadly in recent years has been gradually declining. Very often they organise shows or help in whatever way they can, giving the chance to both local and international bands to play in the city.

A lot of us are Straight Edge and have been for either a long time or only a few years, and it’s a positive thing as it’s a choice that we share and that brings us together, besides the fact that it makes for a better atmosphere at shows. Sadly, however, the number of Straight Edge bands which promote such a message have drastically declined: right now, in all of Northern Italy, there are only a handful of bands left among which newer bands such as,

Set Me Free (my band)

and Inner X Reason, from Vicenza.

However, we must not forget about other bands in which Straight Edge kids play who have recently released new records

Fumbles In Life - Everyday You Can Improve

True Spirit - True Spirit

Traces Of You - The Last Triumph

Breaking Apart

One of the most important labels, created with the objective of helping this scene that has existed for more than 10 years, is Youth Crew Records.

Indeed, one of the most recent releases is Fumbles In Lifes’s MCD, Milan’s own old glory Maze’s (who have been active since 1987) new album or Inner X Reason’s and Set Me Free’s new records, the latter of which has been produced by a collaboration between Youth Crew Records and Vraja Records together with Best Of Times Tattoo, a brand new shop owned by our drummer which specialises in traditional old school ink.

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