Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Festival - Underground, Timisoara


Reclaim your crops! Reclaim your city! Reclaim Your Life!

Underground Timisoara Festival 2010 ... no. 13


In a context the slogan is "catchy" - sounds good right, has an impact but does it have any substance?

I want to shake the context. I'm not interested in marketing, I'm not interested in the impact of the image. I do not care about the brand. I do not have a television.

We'll take the system's necessary superficial appearance that ignores words and choose to refer to meaning.


Where is my culture, where is my city, where is my life? If I took them? And why did it take them back? From whom?

It is impossible to escape the dramatic context of the image. Culture, city, life - realise they are all steeped in the spectacle that has covered and hardened all their shape.

Culture can be seen from two sources: the media (with shopping, class, style, luxury, design, branding, advertising, red carpet, prestige, celebrity, festivals, cathedrals, carping, debates, lifestyle, clubbing, idols) and intellectual (Democratic and Christian characters, with watery eyes to the sky waiting to see paratroopers falling smoothly, Americans irritated by the threat of socialism, inspired by the sanctity of capitalism, fine commentators, geopolitical strategists, so obsessed. Particularly so as we remain outstanding with open mouths sipping their delirium). Between freedom of culture and cultural liberty, bring me the power to remember.

Reclaim your crops!

The European city is modern and dynamic. It is dust, signs, ads, shopping, shopping. The European dynamic. Youth union mall. European dynamic. Multicultural. Money. Multinational corporations. Modern, dynamic, multicultural.


Life is easy to sum up. Work is sanctified on human life. Hundreds of thousands of martyrs to the purchase of work, working for the good economy, working for the success of capitalism.

Free market, maximise their profits, voting democracy - on credit!

Child, you are told you have to have, you are told you have to be, to be is to take. Follow the education system. And if you believe in education, haha! The system works. Individuals produced are docile, perfect: eat, vote, listen.
Do not ask questions. Successful and competitive. Well within established life as in TV.

Seriously, reclaim Your Life.

Reclaim? The answer is personal. And unspectacular. Yours?

Underground Timisoara Festival

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