Monday, 31 May 2010

Zine - Crucified Freedom

"The idea of starting Crucified Freedom was born as consequence of my strong desire to do something more or less creative..

At first I was very skeptical about all this internet thing (you know, I'm a part of this generation of hand written letters and ordering stuff from distros, listening to records on tapes and so on..) but then I realized that the internet can be used very well so you may consider this blog like some kind of web fanzine..

There are some interviews published with bands that I like, also some gig reports and some news connected with diy underground scene and everything related to it..

The reason why I'm doing it? There isn't any special reason, just my good will and strong wish to share anything with people from all around the globe.. at first it was just for my own pleasure but when I realized that people actually read it and comment on stuff that I post, it all gets to another, bigger dimension..

At the beginning (some 9 months ago) there was plan to do a paper 'zine when material was collected for the blog, but because of my lack of free time all that exists is this online form..

If anyone who is doing a paper 'zine would like to use some materials from this blog just let me know and we will work something out 'cause I think it's a shame that all the material exists only in online form.. also if someone wants to contribute somehow please feel free to write at"

..crucified freedom..

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