Monday, 3 May 2010

Romania - Cluj-Napoca

rock norris - opened the show. local band. first show. they play something like mix between metalcore and melodic hardcore like strike anywhere and stuff like that. wasn't really impressed by their overall attitude, but they have time to grow.

stuck in a rut - by now the mixer got all fucked up. it took like 40 minutes to fix. the club had a curfew so we had to hurry and played without a sound check. it was still fun.

drip of lies - awesome band. they play a mix of dark hardcore and crust. it was a great show, everybody went insane.

vodka juniors - greek band. used to play tharshcore/skate punk but now they are into reggae,dub and stuff like that. played only the older songs. it was fun, songs are a little too long though.

no turning back - i wasn't expecting this band to rule so hard. sucks they had to cut it short because of the curfew. but they we're great. so much energy and such a positive attitude.and the guys in the band are really nice dudes. the negative approach cover made my night.

overall great show.

Bistritz Hardcore Brigade
Thrashsilvania Bandana Collective

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