Thursday, 22 July 2010

France - Paris (Part 1)

France - Paris (Part 2)

I think the Parisian scene lacks originality. We've got some cool bands, but they don't try to do something new.
The Parisian scene is split in two. Metal Hardcore/Beatdown and Hardcore/Punk Hardcore, they almost never mix.

The Parisian public fucking sucks. A lot of people only come to BIG shows like the Persistence Tour etc. They don't try to discover new bands. If they listen to Beatdown, they don't want to listen to Punk Hardcore and vice versa. For example, when Trapped Under Ice and Dirty Money came to Paris two years ago, we were maybe fifty in the venue. I think that in Germany, Belgium or England people are more open minded. I went to London some months ago for the last show of Dirty Money, and there were maybe five hundred in the venue (The Underworld). The show was sold out in only 48h. I think that's impossible in Paris, or maybe only for bands like Madball or Terror.

There is another problem in Paris. Venues are really expensive so lots of promoters have had to stop their activity. It's really difficult to book shows and not lose money in Paris.

I think England and Belgium have got more great bands. Bands are more original. For England I am thinking of Throats, Deal With It, Blight, Dirty Money, Hang the Bastard, etc...

But we've got some cool bands naturally. My favorite Parisian metal-hardcore bands are:





Days of Discord (ok it's one of my bands ahah)

Down By Prejudice RIP

There's also:



Rise of the Northstar


Monsieur Po

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  1. Hey mec, t'es qui en fait ?? T'aurais joué dans Days Of Discord et Donkey Puch ?? Tu sors d'où ??

    C'est suspect tout ça... le seul type à avoir joué dans ces 2 groupes c'est Max ...

    On devait bien être 80 au Klub quand Trapped Under Ice y on joué et c'était un putain de concert.