Thursday, 22 July 2010

France - Paris (Part 2)

Paris (Part 1)

For Hardcore/Punk Hardcore/Fast Hardcore, my favorite bands in Paris are :

Black Spirals

Artwork: Alexandre Fort

Donkey Punch (one of my bands)

Artwork: United South Vandals

You Lose! RIP

Artwork: Scott Move

Get Lost


There's also :


Youth Avoiders

My Own Way of Life

And I probably have forgetten a lot...

I don't know a lot of labels in Paris. There is...

Nothing But a Beatdown Records. They released Alea Jacta Est, 8control, Last To remain, etc...

The Grass Was Never Green Records (it's a new label)

Concerning the promoters, a lot have stopped to book shows. Currently, there is for metal-hardcore/Beatdown :

Crime in Hell

Nine One Prod

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