Thursday, 21 April 2011

Activism - Bola De Fogo Distro

“I was worried about kids in my town, the gigs are always kinda full but most t-shirts you see are Green Day, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, and stuff, so I got in touch with some bands which I have some demos and asked if I could copy them to sell at gigs, and the price? R$1,00 (its about 0,40£), so it’s very very cheap and people buy lots of them just cause it’s cheap, hehehe.

I started at some local gigs, but people kept sending me emails asking for an online catalog, so I decided to start a blog, and then I realized what a great fucking idea it was!

I called some friends from other cities/states which have distros too (so I know they are serious about the scene) and told them about the idea, the Bola De Fogo Distro.

First, a little explanation about the name:
Here we have the Bola de Neve (Snow Ball) church, which is a fuckin’ pain in the ass, they go to rock/punk/hardcore/reggae/metal concerts to recruit followers, and all followers automatically become assholes, people you know for years just pass you on the streets without even saying hi or looking at your face just cause you are not one of them.
They say that this "snow ball" will go rolling and rolling down the mountain and get bigger and bigger... well, fuck them! We don't even have snow in this country, hehehe.
So I started the Bola de Fogo (Fire Ball) which will grow stronger and stronger till consumes all, muahahaha.

We are 15 people spread all around the country (and growing!), going to gigs and selling DIY stuff at almost cost-price. The sounds get spread, people get good records at low-prices and get to know new bands, we get some pennies (to keep making the DIY stuff) and the scene gets stronger!

Well, right now just 7 of us are producing, but the others will start at any moment. The blog isn't just for selling, we use it to promote the gigs we will be present at, to write reviews about the gigs and promote the bands, promoters, venues, and to put in some interviews too... well, the blog is new so there isn't a lot of stuff yet.

Our motto is AGGREGATE.

Us (I wrote about everyone, but nothing about me, someday I will do that :P)
Our stuff

Hey! If there is any band wanting to get your music spread around Brazil, email me!


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