Saturday, 16 April 2011

Festival - ScumFest 2011, London

ScumFest 2011

Extreme Noise Terror (UK) holocaust in your head

Deviated Instinct (UK) stench-core pioneers

Appalacian Terror Unit (USA) thrashing mountain punx

Genital Deformities (UK) old-school crust

FUK (UK) punk rock!

Shades of Grey (SWEDEN)

Simbiose (PORTUGAL)

Icon of Evil (POLAND) Death metal punk… members of Infekcja and Evil

Unhaim (Switzerland) Hardcore punk… ex Pack, Lost, Norah and loads of others

Meinhof (UK) Londahn angry punx

Bullet Ridden (UK) cider-fueled mayhem

Falling Down (UK) female fronted (and drummed) hardcore punk

Lowest Form (UK) hardcore

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