Thursday, 21 April 2011

Canada - Ontario 2

Canada - Ontario 1

"The hardcore/punk scene in Ontario is pretty vast. Since there are so many cities, the variety in styles and mentalities is really brought out in the bands. Here is a small list of bands in Ontario (ranging from the past year, or so)":

!Attention! (Toronto)

Total Trash (Toronto)

Death Agonies

Purity Control (Toronto)

The Endless Blockade RIP

Black Faxes (Toronto)

Burning Love

Mature Situations (Toronto)

Vicious Cycle (Sudbury)

To The Lions (Burlington)

Hazardous Waste (Mississauga)

Fortune Teller (Toronto)

Eating Glass RIP (GTA)

Owl Eyes

Easy Way Out (Niagara)

RAH (Toronto)

Desperate Times

Concussion (Newmarket)

Planet Danger (Barrie)

Troubled Minds

Shut Eyes (Barrie)


Bottomfeeder (Kitchener)

Exalt (Kitchener)

Remembrance (Kitchener)

Constraints (Ottawa)

Creeper (Toronto)

Animal Faces (Toronto)

Uplift (Toronto)

The New Enemy (Toronto)

Waste Case RIP

Longshot (Ajax)

Sleepwalker (Uxbridge)

Brutal Youth

Molested Youth (Toronto)

Bad Choice RIP (Toronto)

Urban Blight (Toronto)

Direct Approach (Toronto)

Snakepit RIP (Toronto)

The Proof (London)

Artwork: Brendan Schieman (

Think Twice (Ottawa)

Hellraiser (Windsor)


Cat on Acid

Endow (Brampton)

A few record labels are as follows:

Climbin' Aboard Records (also has a zine out on their big cartel)

High Anxiety (Chris Colohan's label)

Labeled Records (Greg Benedetto's label).

A few venues in Ontario are:

Siesta Nouveaux (Toronto)

Sneaky Dees (Toronto)

Parts & Labour (Toronto)

Youth Action Centre (Welland)

Casbah (Hamilton)

London Music Hall Lounge (London)

The Green Bottle (Ottawa)

Time To Laugh (Kingston)

A few promotors in Ontario are:

Greg Benedetto (Stuck In The City)

Mark Pesci

James McCalmont (Concussion)

Shane Tyrer

Mitch Wetton

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