Wednesday, 27 April 2011

China - Shanghai

“Actually there is NO HC/punk scene in Shanghai except Loudspeaker, the only Shanghai HC band!

And u can check my band The Instigation as well.

In general, the Shanghai rock scene is separated into 2 parts. One is Shanghai foreigner's rock scene and other the shanghainese rock scene. The foreigner's scene is inclined to play indie/post punk. Here there is a lot of hype and shitty hipsters. The Shanghainese scene is more pop and commercial. There is nothing to say about it but if u want to discover, u can check these bands. Some people (or they) say they are punk.

Pink Berry

Little Nature

Seventy Seven

Actually in China, there is no good hardcore/punk band at all except Beijing hardcore band Fanzui Xiangfa.

Now we are trying to make some small HC organization in Shanghai.
We want to involve those people who love the music and try to bring good bands from abroad and make a scene, even it’s quite small.
We are going to bring bands from abroad, especially Japan because I’m japanese and it’s quite easy to bring bands from japan (also I have another project that is trying to make a garage punk/rocknroll scene in Shanghai with a few friends and I’ve invited the bands from Japan for this.)

Also we will cooperate with others to try to invite HC bands from abroad and support them to arrange a China tour. Already a finnish band has had help to arrange a china tour. I hope it’s gonna work well!


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