Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sweden 5

Sweden 4

“If you ask me the best bands from Malmö, or Crime City, as it is known as, are :

Sista Sekunden

Hårda Tider



Fy Fan

Malmö seems to have a very varied scene with something for everyone.

Last month I went to Gothenburg HC fest at a place called Oceanen and the atmosphere was great. It felt so good to see people with patched jeans jackets, punks, hardcore kids etc. running together in the circle pit. The mixture of bands was great.”

Agent Attitude : Hardcore from Uppsala (they also have a great scene!)

Night Fever : Hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hårda Tider : Crime City's Finest.

Commitment Crew RIP : Gothenburg Hardcore

Photos from the show

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