Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sweden - Nyköping

“I live in Nyköping, a town in the middle of Sweden with 50 000 people in. Nyköping is located 100 kilometers south of Stockholm. Some famous bands are from here:



In the 90s Nyköping was a real punk-city with lots of bands and a big scene. Today there are only 4 active bands left:

Vulture Mob (Hardcore)

Systemskifte (Crustpunk)

Still With The Pisces (Punk n Roll)

Suloh (Punk)

But the future's looks nice cos 1 year ago a group called Bergatrollen squatted some houses which led to them getting another house legally from the politicians. The house is now called Magasinet, and thanks to Magasinet I think the punk-scene is on its way back. We’ve got gigs every month on Magasinet and people travel here from other cities to go to the Magasinet gigs. Last week as an example we had Italian Grindpunx Humus playing and people drove over 100 kilometers to come to that show.”

Live at Magasinet:
Vulture Mob

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