Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ukraine - Crimea

Ukraine - Simferopol

"In Simferopol unfortunately we don't have any scene. Earlier our guys made show once a month. Last gig was 1,5 years ago. We have no people who can support the scene. In my city now different trendy deathcore\metalcore bands like "BMTH" are popular. And I live in a very poor country so it's expensive to keep a DIY scene, especially when the youth is indifferent to these things. The Memorials guitarist keeps distro label Young Voices Records.

Very rarely we have concerts in Sevastopol, there will be the show soon by the way!

Soon Memorials go on spring tour:



By the way, there is a new ukrainian band Set Adrift which sounds like 90's hardcore, they have 1 EP.

You can also check out live records of Aspire (Odessa) and Still (Odessa) when they played in Vegan Club (St. Petersburg). Click link to start .rar download.

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