Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Germany - Nordrhein Westfalen 2

Germany - Nordrhein Westfalen 1
Germany - Ruhrgebiet
Germany - West 2

“I come from Dortmund/Ruhrpott/NRW. My favourite clubs in "pott" are az (autonomes zentrum) in Mülheim, ak 47 in Düsseldorf or az in Wuppertal. Today I am going to a sXe show in az mülheim:

At the same time there is a hardcore punk/crustcore show in az Wuppertal:

The clubs are very good for d.i.y hardcore shows. The costs are mostly in a good price range. 4-6 euros for "normal" shows and 6-8 euro for a festival.

We have many more clubs in Ruhrpott:

The Panic Room (is more like a pub than a club for shows)

Cafe Nova (shitly high prices and unfriendly people...)

There are diverse clubs in Unna where local bands play:


jkc kamen

This is the good part of the hardcore scene in Ruhrpott…

I think 80s hardcore punk shit is hyped:

Sniffing Glue

Dean Dirg

Press Gang

Many people listening many modern hardcore bands just moved onto black-emo/screamo bands:



There are many thrash bands:

Nihil Baxter

Alarmstufe Gerd


The other part is the beatdown scene.... macho-hardcore or metalcore for tough guys like adolescent hip hop kids.

We have a many hardcore shows from other lands too, d.i.y. or crust. Many US bands come. The old school bands or bigger bands play in bigger clubs like Zwischenfall or Matrix in Bochum for 12-15 euros. US bands play in az mülheim too. This is a very fair price and the people who go to the az´s have the most political interests.

Friendly greetz from Germany.”

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