Sunday, 17 April 2011

Croatia - Dalmatia

“In my part of Croatia, South Croatia, also known as Dalmatia, the punk scene is not developed so much as in the North, but there are some good old bands like Centrifuga from Split but unfortunately it's not active anymore.

I think there are a lot of local bands who play hc/punk but they are afraid to go out of the garage since the Croatian scene is poisoned by commercial shit.

As I saw on your blog u have already put most of our groups, in my opinion one of the best hc/punk band was Anti-Otpad (singer was Jule, who has 3 solo self-realeasd CDs under the name Eluj)

and also there is Ljubisa Samardzic

I would like to point to one "new" Croatian punk band from Rijeka called Diskurz who managed to break into the international scene and they have signed with Sony.

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  1. I don't want to "preaching" or what ever to anyone, but this is kinda funny to me.. I don't know about which scene is talking author of this text above.. on one side he/she is talking about how "scene is poisoned by commercial shits" and on other he/she points out band Diskurz which had a contract with Dallas records which is one of 3 biggest commercial labels here in Croatia.. for example, owner of this label is juror in Croatian version of "American Idol", and about their "breaking into international scene" by signing with Sony.. if this is not commercial, then I don't know what is!??
    once again I don't attack anyone, just I've noticed that and it bothers me..

  2. Yeah, and Centrifuga is "good old bands". They played few shows 4-5 years ago and they were kids at that time + they sucked :)