Tuesday, 19 April 2011

UK - Midlands

“I'm from the midlands and there’s a few bands local to me, not all strictly hardcore but they all play within the same circles...

Diet Pills (Leicester) - split 7" with Grinding Halt and S/T LP out soon

Toecutter (Leicester) - split 7" with Man Hands out on Force Fed records

Artwork: Evan Christodoulou

The Wankys (Leicester) - loads of records out!

FUK (Leicester, Bristol, Nottingham - all over the place!) - ex Chaos UK, got a few records out

Dead In The Woods (Nottingham) - got a split 12" out with Diet Pills

Geriatric Unit (Nottingham) - loads of stuff out, just put out a new LP on Boss Tuneage

Endless Grinning Skulls (Nottingham) - 7" out soon I think

Bad Times (Coventry) - demo soon I imagine

Stinky Wizzleteat (Birmingham) - got a 7" out

Moloch (Nottingham) - got a few records out. Touring with Thou again soon

Year of the Flood (Nottingham)

Guilty Parents (Nottingham)

Also, the Collective Zine forum is pretty good for help with UK stuff...”

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