Tuesday, 26 April 2011

China 2

China 1

“I am from Tianjin. The scene is not good but in Beijing the scene is better.

To organise a show is not that hard but there isn’t a large audience. In fact there are more metal shows than hardcore/punk shows.

The venues are just so-so. Most of the time shows will be put on in bars. Sometimes there are some outdoor music festivals.

The music and news is spread by the internet and a few magazines. Some websites will have something to do with hc/punk, but very few. There are no professional magazines about hc. Some metal or rock magazines will interview some local hc/punk bands but there are no hc/punk columns.

Hc/punk culture is a subculture in China that isn't spread widely but we hope more people can get involved. We do have some problems with the authorities oppressing us though.”

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