Wednesday, 20 January 2010


There are two main cities in the hardcore scene of Belarus. They are called Minsk and Grodno. Minsk is the capital of my country and most of the hardcore shows are playing there. But there are many gigs in Grodno too.

Almost all Belarussian bands are antifascists, because there are many boneheads, especially in Minsk. In Grodno almost no fascists, because we fight them. This is not a very serious problem, but this struggle makes us all stronger and more united. Hardcore shows are played at least once a month. There are shows with local bands and with the bands from the world (for example Death Before Dishonor, Ignite, Vitamin X, Death Is Not Glamorous, Dead Vows and other).

There are two main labels

Street Beat Records (Grodno)

I see that scene getting bigger with every new band and every new show. I see that people are interested in hardcore, in its values.

Here are some bands from Belarus:

Fuckitall (Minsk)
old school hardcore

Manhood (Grodno/Lida)
Just starting out. Firstly they played modern-melodic-hardcore (their first demo) but now they are recording new songs and are playing youth crew hardcore

Appleshout RIP (Minsk)
thrash-hardcore-punk band

My Dog's A Cat (Minsk)

Pull Out An Eye (Minsk)

Try One's Luck (Minsk)
metal-beatdown hardcore

Face Forward (Minsk)
modern hardcore

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